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LibertyCon 2017


The 6th edition of the biggest student pro-liberty conference, organized by the student-driven association European Students For Liberty, will take place March 17th to 19th at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Now dubbed “LibertyCon”, it aims to bring together more than 1,000 students and young professionals from all over Europe and the world to discuss the sharing economy, technology and its future.

The conference will feature lectures and workshops, all revolving around the ideas of liberty, stressing the importance of freedom in economic and social issues, in areas spanning from entrepreneurship to academia.

“The recent rise of sharing economy and modern technology has been astonishing. We can now see new innovations, projects and start-ups appearing almost every day. How will this trend affect our future?” said ESFL Events and Communications Associate Michal Šindlar.

During three intense days of speeches, debates, workshops and networking, those to 1,000 pro-liberty students from over 45 different countries across the world will meet and exchange ideas to move towards a freer society. The keynote speeches will be presented by such speakers as Jeffrey Tucker, the Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education or Matt Kibbe, the President and Chief Community Organizer at Free the People.

“This year more than 40 renowned economists, entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists, experts in cryptocurrencies, transhumanism and more are coming to Prague to share their knowledge, experience and vision. We invite you to be the part of it!” said Michal Šindlar.


European Students For Liberty is the first major international development of Students For Liberty and LibertyCon promises to be its biggest event yet.

For information, visit libertycon.net and our official Facebook event page.

Download all necessary information including photos and visuals on this link.

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For more information on the European Students For Liberty Conference and access to media credentials, please contact ESFL Programs Director Aleksandar Kokotović, +381 637166838; email: akokotovic@studentsforliberty.org.


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